It's time to listen to the game. Guide your elephant through an ever-faster game of thinking, jumping, and saving girlaphants. Survive as long as you can, but remember to only do what the game tells you to!

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x1.0: Avoid

x1.1: Collect

x1.2: Suicide

x1.3: Walk

x1.4: Deliver

x1.5: Gather

x1.6: Ride

x1.7: Press

x1.8: Romance

x1.9: Survive

x2.0: Ditch

x2.1: Sacrifice

x2.2: Stairs

x2.3: Run

x2.4: Hide

x2.5: Coffee

x2.6: Ditch

x2.7: Romance

x2.8: Press

x2.9: Walk

x3.0: Ditch

x3.1: Ride

x3.2: Press

x3.3: Suicide

x3.4: Avoid

x3.5: Ditch

x3.6: Ditch

x3.7: Deliver

x3.8: Stairs

x3.9: Survive

x4.0: Suicide

x4.1: Gather

x4.2: Avoid

x4.3: Ride

x4.4: Collect

x4.5: Ditch

x4.6: Ride

x4.7: Deliver

x4.8: Avoid

x4.9: Walk

x5.0: Collect

x5.1: Suicide

x5.2: Stairs

x5.3: Stairs

x5.4: Deliver

x5.5: Coffee

x5.6: Gather

x5.7: Survive

x5.8: Survive

x5.9: Walk

x6.0: Walk

x6.1: Walk

x6.2: Press

x6.3: Stairs

x6.4: Collect

x6.5: Walk

x6.6: Walk

x6.7: Collect

x6.8: Ride

x6.9: Survive

x7.0: Romance

x7.1: Suicide

x7.2: Hide

x7.3: Romance

x7.4: Press

x7.5: Sacrifice

x7.6: Romance

x7.7: Gather

x7.8: Deliver

x7.9: Deliver

x8.0: Stairs

x8.1: Sacrifice

x8.2: Sacrifice

x8.3: Ride

x8.4: Survive

x8.5: Press

x8.6: Hide

x8.7: Walk

x8.8: Collect

x8.9: Run

x9.0: Ditch

x9.1: Avoid

x9.2: Hide

x9.3: Collect

x9.4: Press

x9.5: Sacrifice

x9.6: Avoid

x9.7: Ditch

x9.8: Deliver

x9.9: Run

x10.0: Coffee